Below is another interesting article from Matthew Syed about the importance of clarity of message. Fortunately for me, his articles seem to have a timely overlap with the topics we've been discussing in our recent webinars!

In the second of our Apollo 13 webinars (watch it here) , we continued with footage from the moment of crisis and discussed the changes in organisational climate, energy and motivation of NASA. Analysing the footage through the lens of sensemaking allows us to pick up on the human interactions that took place and how they shaped the outcome of the mission.

At one point during the discussion, Mike Roe asks "When chaos ensues, how do you, as a leader get commitment when anxiety is high?" Dr Mike Carter's response is that clarity of communication is key. Even if it is bad news, create an imperative action through a clear message. Get people into an action orientation for a well defined purpose.

Rounding it back to the article below, Syed makes the point that the countries which have seemingly navigated COVID-19 better than the rest are those whose leaders speak with clarity.