'Life must be lived forward, but understood backwards’

(Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, 1938)

Leaders are currently trapped in the gap between living forward with flawed foresight and understanding backwards with equally flawed but mischievously seductive hindsight (we learn by enactment not enthinkment).

Humour (at least the good stuff) is a parody of life, an exaggerated imitation, but with a strong thread of truth. Leaders and organisations are struggling to bring a sense of continuity to their people but in a period where the tectonic plates of change are colliding at frightening speed it makes a 'fool' of those who cling too tightly to the past or too loosely to the future.  

It might feel counterintuitive to many but in these challenging times perhaps leaders need just enough verifiable information  to make plausible meaning  without stereotyping themselves into their own caricatures; a blending of tight and loose coupling. And, for those with humility - check out the 'Muppets' and look in the mirror. Which character do you resemble? For those not of a nervous disposition, then ask your people!